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In September 2013, a CD-ROM from the Disney Group of the United States was sent to Paul. The idea of the Shanghai Disneyland Tomorrow-land project in the CD-ROM made him feel excited as a designer, an




In September 2013, a CD-ROM from the Disney Group of the United States was sent to Paul. The idea of the Shanghai Disneyland Tomorrow-land project in the CD-ROM made him feel excited as a designer, and he was also disturbed. "Getting the information about Disney Tomorrow-land Project, I am confused.Paul said, “On the one hand, it is the complexity of space, because the structure of the building is not reinforced concrete, but a light steel keel structure. Its six sides are irregular. This one is protruding and the other is oblique, which is completely a free body. On the other hand, the space also needs to be equipped with theme park equipment, which come from all over the world, and the craftsmanship is very complicated and unique."






At that time, there were very few similar projects in China. Zheng Junhua consulted the professional team about the specific quotation of Disney Tomorrowland. Some companies offered sky-high prices, while some directly said that such projects could not be done. Faced with numerous difficulties, he once wanted to abandon this project.


Tomorrow-Land Project is divided into seven major sections, namely Speed-Light Wheel, Buzz Light year Interstellar Rescue, Jetpack Aircraft, Star Wars Expedition Base, Marvel Hero Headquarters, Space Fairy Stitch, Star Terrace Restaurant


When contacting Disney Tomorrow-Land Project, Paul had just founded ZPD for three years, and the company’s development was still in its infancy. However, Paul used to be responsible for a series of large-scale designs in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. He was dedicated to each project. The project manager of Party A has a profound influence, and the reason for the Disney Tomorrow-land project is also the introduction of one of the project managers for him.



According to reports, there are seven theme parks in Shanghai Disneyland, one of which is Tomorrow-land. The world of Tomorrow is also the most technologically content of these seven parks. It expresses and shows the infinite possibilities of the future of the human world, and is the presentation of the best combination of humanity, technology and intelligence.




"We can think of Tomorrow-land as a science-fiction, action, and adventurous movie. It is a movie, but its form of expression is not broadcast through images, but allows visitors to experience a future world with their bodies in reality. "Paul said.






In order to facilitate the review and sorting of the CD-ROM information, Paul printed out all the information. "These materials are not just drawings, but also many materials and supplier materials, and they are in English. I will sort out the materials, mark them in Chinese, and paste them all with small stickers. Which space is which picture." When attending the interview meeting with the Shanghai Disney party, he tied up the thick pile of data drawings and put it on the grocery cart at his usual home, and dragged off.



In the interview meeting, Paul not only responded quickly to related questions from Disney, but also put forward his own specific ideas while pointing out potential problems in the space. "It can be said that when Disney does things, he will not recognize your personal image or the scale of your company, but he must pay great attention to your actual ability and degree of cooperation." Paul recalled with a smile, "Eight or nine of those who participated in the Disney interview that day A team, from the perspective of the team image, is really good. They are all handsome and beautiful, and the outfits are also good. They do feel taller, and they are relatively simple."



On that day, Paul successfully won the Disney Tomorrow-land project with his excellent performance and solid preparation.


As the world’s top large-scale amusement park, the Disney Tomorrow-land Park is a cross-interacting space with a variety of specialties and equipment. The complexity of the project exceeds the acceptable range of the human brain. Therefore, it needs to use the BIM system (Building Information Modeling System) to Control the progress of the entire project.






Paul first learned about the BIM system when he contacted the Tomorrow-land Project. “In 2013, I often heard them talk about BIM and BIM. I didn’t know what BIM was at the time. I later learned that it was everything in the project, including hidden things, built into models, and then previewed in this system, such as a light bulb. , A fountain, a wire, all modeled based on real space, and then previewed with BIM, it looks like the internal structure of a chip."




The BIM system solves many professional conflicts for Paul's team. For example, when making design drawings, one professional requires pipelines to be arranged on the left, but another professional requires pipelines to be arranged on the right. The BIM system can make design decisions through rehearsals at this time. However, the preview nature of the BIM system also brought great difficulties to the ZPD team, requiring constant adjustment and avoidance during the implementation process.



Disney pursuit of high quality for Tomorrow-land projects is reflected in every small detail in the park. "There is a piece of acrylic in the shape of the light box in the park, and some domestic suppliers came over and wanted to participate. He said that the price is cheap, 900 yuan, and things can meet the specifications. But Disney Curry has a Singapore supplier, The price of acrylic is more than 9000 yuan. Two pieces of acrylic are observed separately, and there is no obvious difference. But when you put them together and plug in at the same time, you will find that the domestic acrylic is very bright where there is light, and it is slow when there is no light. Light decay appears slowly. But in Singapore, it is bright when plugged in, and the light is refraction particularly evenly." Paul said, "In the end, Disney chose 9000."







Many other substances are added to the cement used in the construction of the cement passage that is performed at four o’clock every afternoon in the park. On the one hand, it increases the firmness and slip resistance of the cement. On the other hand, it can present the effect of colored cement. The price is ten times that of ordinary cement. Times. From the beginning of the evening performance to the evening, the street lamps on both sides of the cement passage hit the pavement, which will also produce a soft sense of light, which is very helpful for rendering the atmosphere of the park.






The most troublesome part of Tomorrow-land for Paul’s team is the Star Terrace restaurant. Disney only provides a conceptual picture for the restaurant. However, to implement the imagination of the Disney creative team, it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the restaurant and the surrounding equipment and cooperate with it. Shape, ceiling and height of the restaurant. "We don’t know how to operate the BIM system, and the dedicated team operating the BIM system doesn’t understand the concept of the relationship between lights, the relationship between tables and chairs and the ground. Finally, we can only model in the most primitive way based on the actual situation. , Divide the entire complex shape into blocks, number them, and adjust them continuously."




Comparison of the stores before and after the opening of the park. During more than a thousand days and nights from 2013 to 2016, Paul’s team devoted themselves to the Disney Tomorrow-land like a lover, step by step to welcome a fantasy dream world to Shanghai This bustling metropolis.



After completing the Disney Tomorrow-land project in three years, Disney Tomorrow-land has become an intangible soft asset for Paul and ZPD, and it still affects Paul's design team. "Once when we talked to the real estate group about a Hai Nan Happy Ocean World project, we talked to them about our experience of working with Disney. They recognized us a lot. Disney definitely added points to our business negotiations. After all, there are not many companies that can truly cooperate with Disney."Paul also admitted that Disney project will make Party A have a better impression of them, but in fact it did not bring direct and obvious economic benefits. After all, the same type of projects are too not enough.






The Disney party is very strict in project management. You must wear fluorescent clothing, protective glasses, and shoes with steel plates to protect your feet when entering the site. There is also a declaration process before entering the site. Explain in advance the site area and whether to bring a camera. Camera, explain the content of shooting. "Disney is doing things quite well. What they do is to do things, not to shake their faces and not to blend privately." According to Paul, because of the ultimate pursuit of quality, Disney Tomorrow-land Project was extended by one year from the original plan. In response, Disney offered Paul's team a "compensation" higher than the original contract price of the project.








"Our team of seven people ate and lived with Disney for three years, and six of them are permanently stationed at the Shanghai construction site. I am mobile. I fly from Shen Zhen to Shanghai every Monday night or Tuesday morning to attend meetings and return on the same day or the next day. At the Disney construction site, the setting sun is often everywhere, and the Tomorrow-land project is like my lover."Paul recalled the scene of the year with some emotion, it seems that everything is still vivid.




The bits and pieces he shared with Disney Tomorrow-land left a deep mark in Paul’s heart, such as his rigorous attitude towards the project, his level of knowledge of things, his understanding of craftsmanship, accumulated experience and good habits. Step by step, Paul will be input into the blood of ZPD to promote the further development of the enterprise.






Although in the process of cooperating with Disney,Paul can clearly feel that the other party is at a high level in terms of management level, project planning, employee status, etc., but he also clearly knows that it is difficult to copy the other party’s management structure and operations. idea. "We are a completely different company. Disney combination is different from the domestic combination, so there are many things we can't learn from, but we can learn from their rigorous work attitude and cognitive level." Paul said.




When talking about whether he is interested in participating in a project similar to Shanghai Disneyland again, Paul said without hesitation that if he has the opportunity to join a project of the same type, he will definitely do it with the same full enthusiasm. As a designer, he still has feelings. , I hope to make a longer-term design.



"If there is no passion, it is a little bit to do something every day. This is completely not the mentality of running a business. Therefore, for me, I always design with full passion and enthusiasm. My daily work is also many times. Do it over and over on the basis of repetition." Paul said again, "You have to think about your company. Every colleague has a home behind it. The responsibilities of a company are different."






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