​ZPD Space Design | Vanke White Sha Runyuan: 1700㎡ villa

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​ZPD Space Design | Vanke White Sha Runyuan: 1700㎡ villa

Light and 



                                                                                     Light imparts drama to beauty, and wind and rain impart color to life  through 

                                                                     their effect on the human body. Architecture is a medium that enables

                                                                                                       people to feel the presence of nature.                                                                                          



                                          —— Tadao ando

In this nearly 1,700 square meters five-story single-family villa in Yunnan, natural light, artistic context and life track interweave orderly in the space, Oriental meaningful elegant and contemporary life of simple fashion in harmony, together to outline the aesthetic texture, comfortable experience and extraordinary quality of life.

As the high-end residential system analytic contributors, acura space design in the private residence project design theory and the practice experience, senior understands how to from the architectural space environment, indoor structure form, function setting, comfortable space configuration, soft outfit display collocation, local cultural background and present dimensions, such as definition and build perfect and comfortable interior living space.

Upon entering the project, the best space design accurately balances the daily life and interactivity that the "home" should bear. According to the functional requirements of different Spaces, the layout is layered step by step. With the contemporary Oriental as the rhyme, the design language of modern minimalism is adopted to write the poetry of life and make the warmth of home.

Encounter of 

Light and Space




                                                                                                                                                              The encounter of light and space  

Light is always an element that dramatizes space. "This oversized single-family residential building has natural ventilation advantages on the ground floor, but faces the problem of how to solve the ventilation of the underground two-storey space. Therefore, we set up sunken courtyards on the east and west sides of the building, which lead directly to the second floor underground, so that the advantages of daylight and cross ventilation throughout the day extend to the underground space, breaking through the limitations of the functional division of the space, and introducing beautiful and rich scenes into the space." When the designer talks about the difficulty and bright spot of creation.

In order to enrich the plasticity of the space, the designer opens the sunken courtyard to the negative second floor, forming a two-storey height span, introducing sunlight, landscape and interaction into the negative second floor. The integration of light and nature gives the space a dimension of time and creates different light and shadow in the four seasons.

Natural light fills the two floors with sunken courtyards, connecting with nature and the outside world, and maximizing comfort even below ground.

Near the leisure sofa area of the sinking courtyard, two rectangular sofas and a circular tea table combine into the most comfortable rest area, here got the biggest bath of sunshine, relatives and friends gather here to enjoy the pleasure of sunshine, share a day bit by bit, the joy of the four seasons.

Near the leisure sofa area of the sinking courtyard, two rectangular sofas and a circular tea table combine into the most comfortable rest area, here got the biggest bath of sunshine, relatives and friends gather here to enjoy the pleasure of sunshine, share a day bit by bit, the joy of the four seasons.

Modern Artistic 



                                                                                           Perception of contemporary art               

The balance of "publicness" and "privacy" is an important dimension for designers to think about. Through reasonable planning, designers make the multiple functional partitions in the space to carry people's respective interests and lifestyles, and promote emotional connection and communication with each other. The first floor of the villa is the reception room, kitchen space and parents' suite.

The spacious French Windows of the living room absorb the natural scenery of the courtyard, and the light and shadow shuttle in the room, together with the delicate and translucent floating leaf chandelier, to build a lively and leisurely posture.

TV setting wall of rice white marble grain to provide the whole surface is halcyon, view point on the white of large area, to build a new sense of balance within wide entry level layer, in which composed of cold black interweave, furniture implements on the material, texture, colour and lustre of artistic effect in combination with light artistic conception, immediately mobilize the resident for a better life is rich and stereo perception.

The open water bar area is connected with the living room as a whole, providing wine tasting and leisure functions of the whole space. The superior living experience and the ultimate aesthetic accumulation fit together one by one, and the most romantic and delicious feeling in life is long and distant.

The dining kitchen space is located on the right side of the entrance porch, with the corridor as the boundary to distinguish the Chinese and Western restaurant area. The design integrates the unique Oriental philosophy and beauty with The Times, and the clever and natural lighting and irregular wall installations create the texture and style of the space artisically.


Life's Fun


                                               Nourishing the interest of life                

Adhering to the tonality of the space, stylist has the wooden art window lattice that send with density, in the pattern change that can open but close, surround the book room that gives a movement all appropriate. Push wooden window when the person, light diffuse enter, wave leaf lamp is acted the role of also meet an eye, the woody feeling with warm embellish, rich level sex is diffused in the space.

The ZPD space is designed with living rooms on the second and third floors, allowing residents on each floor to have independent public spaces. The designer combines the rhythm of order and the sense of ethereal elegance in the space, presenting a peaceful rest space.

The master bedroom is open and elegant, and the spacious landscape balcony provides a large amount of natural light, which is natural with the rustic log wall. The soft furnishings are simple and introverted, which is integrated with the overall hard decoration.

Leisure area design adhering to the spatial tonality, with reasonable layout, exquisite furniture, unique art furnishings, to achieve artistic aesthetic look and feel, to add more interest to life.

Capacious landscape balcony provided the recreational field field of half open-air, with rustic log roof all words are natural, light and shadow is permeated from the gap, fall on downy cloth art sofa, imprint motley aesthetic feeling, build a chic life experience feeling, draw the outline of the comfortable and comfortable state that the person family gets together when at leisure.

Turn along the stairs to the second floor, the designer created a rest area for the two boys of the residents respectively. The blue background of the head of the bed is supplemented by modern free hanging pictures, which brings a touch of interest to the space and also presents a sense of vitality and youth.

In the transition area between floors, the designer embellishes flowers and works of art. With an open and simple design approach, it is created as a flexible public interaction field for families in the whole space, as well as the function of external social interaction.




Nourishing the interest of life              

The designer takes the underground space as a space for entertainment and leisure. The layout is transparent and spacious. Through simple and elegant strokes, the designer describes the rest area, tea tasting area, bar, chess and card room, video and audio room, fitness area, collection room, indoor golf, housekeeping room and extended white space, taking into account the future variation.

Art comes from life, and life is nourished by art. The tea tasting area is located in the center of the whole space. The design is elegant and low-key. The tables and chairs of logs return to the natural nature of the space, and a green pine, three or two branches and white ceramic tea sets reveal the poetry of life.

Art comes from life, and life is nourished by art. The tea tasting area is located in the center of the whole space. The design is elegant and low-key. The tables and chairs of logs return to the natural nature of the space, and a green pine, three or two branches and white ceramic tea sets reveal the poetry of life.

The collection room can display the owner's collection over the years. The spacious space allows you to appreciate the works you have found with your friends and share your joy with each other, making your life unfold in an artistic atmosphere. In the moonlight, warm lights, when the soothing music sounded, wine mixing, tasting, fun... Human romantic, tea wine Qin painting full of life.

Deep research for many years in the field of residential design ZPD space design, understand the value of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage design, grasps the different scale space density relations processing, with the interaction between man and nature, culture, with contemporary design succinct writing, deduce each space contains unique temperament, brings to the resident life, full of sense of ceremony and everyday full of interest.


Only the space design based on the details of life can really build the interaction and inner connection between the user and the space. Good designers often incarnate themselves as space users, experiencers and maintainers. This not only requires a rational analysis of the structural form, cultural background, local materials and other contents of the interior itself, but also requires a knowledge of the metaphorical circles, identity, experience and emotional needs of the space, and an artistic design and implementation.

Therefore, every project we enter, we are thinking about how to continue the advantages of space and solve the real problems under the original site and natural conditions, inject art into the design, realize the value of space, activate the vitality of space, and give people a unique life experience.

This time, our biggest challenge was to bring cross ventilation and sufficient light to the two underground floors of the five-storey detached house space. The opening of the two sunken courtyards is our design solution to create a "breathing house", but also a leisure field where wind and light move freely.

The light and shadow change in the day is infinite, added a few minutes warmth and romance for the space art environment. From morning to night, with the passage of time, light and shadow diffuse gently into the space, and the furniture and implements in the space create a sense of overlapping layers of light and shade. Long shadows hung on the ground, and the time came to the gentle afterglow of the evening. Both people and things were covered with a hazy gilt rim. When night falls, the stars, bright moonlight and light reflect each other, in the shadow of the dancing trees, the breeze blows, the poetry gushes out, the life of the family is vividly vivid.

What we want to present and finally realize is such a beautiful living space with artistic temperament, but also full of life fireworks and ritual sense.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Designer Postscript

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In June 2021

The project name丨Vanke white sand runyuan single family villa

Project site丨Yunnan kunming

The project area丨1300㎡ indoor courtyard 370㎡

Time for completion丨In April 2021

Hard outfit design丨ZPD space design

Soft outfit design and landing丨ZPD space design

The project of photography丨Dabin Photography

ZPD Space Design was founded in 2010, with architectural decoration engineering design special Class A qualification, focus on providing real estate and public construction customers with a set of architectural consulting, interior design, soft decoration and display, high-end boutique project construction landing integration solutions, is a full range of services to customers of professional design agency.

Realize the value of space by design, activate the vitality of space, the best space design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine the design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect the regional culture and traditional craft, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetic and design, which constitute the unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and the continuation of the context, and break the boundary, explore the architectural interior space and avant-garde art, pop culture, Oriental temperament, future technology, the infinite extension of practice space: elegant, light luxury.







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