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Interpret the aesthetic perspective and life portrayal of the high-end circle.

In the myriad design thoughts, design is always associated with the aesthetic taste, lifestyle and other personalized needs of different people under the specific context of The Times. Just as The Italian brand BVLGARI, as a synonym for elegance and luxury, evokes the resonance of high net worth individuals. And extend to the interior space, how to inject the legendary symbol of Bulgari into the expression of space character, in order to match the urban elite group of life style, become the ultimate space design in taidong Mangrove Bay Yue Fu case point.

Relying on years of theoretical research and exploration and practice in the field of real estate luxury homes, the design of Zhenpin Space deeply considers the specific meanings given to the people by the life scene, and uses rational and systematic design logic to interpret the needs of human settlements, integrate creativity and user experience, and create functions A living space with aesthetics.

In the creation of this case, Zhenpin Space Design draws design inspiration from Bulgari's classic aesthetics, and transfers its classic and elegant form and connotation to the main line of the overall space through the material, pattern, color and picture of the space. In the spirit and spirit, it interprets the aesthetic perspective and life portrayal that is exclusive to the high-end circle.

From re-engraving classics to interpreting life 

 A luxurious aesthetic feast 

This case is positioned in a family of three generations. The hostess is an agent of Bulgari jewelry and loves her career. Her strong and distinctive personal taste coincides with Bulgari's bold and luxurious brand style. Following this individual characteristic, the designer extracts elements from Bulgari’s classic snake pattern and metallurgical craftsmanship, and through the collision of fur and brass materials, blends with emerald green and metallic jewelry tones, paving the way for a fashionable and avant-garde space. Artistic atmosphere.

Walking to the restaurant area, a touch of classic Bulgari emerald green emerges, outlining the full charm of the space. The male host of this case has extraordinary taste and has a background of studying abroad. For this reason, the designer carefully arranges Chinese and Western-style tableware on the marble round table, enriching the sense of ritual for a family of three meals and four o'clock. And the fresh floral art in the glass flowerware adds to this atmosphere even more dense and bright, and a romantic and fashionable luxury movement unconsciously plays quietly.

The study is a private space for people. It is not only designed for daily work, but also a spiritual field for residents to balance themselves with the outside world. The designer polishes the details perfectly. The contemporary single chair and the irregularly shaped table lamp complement each other. The textured carpet of the upturned wool forms a bright and dark contrast with the retro dark brown and dark green, while the artistic decorations and Bulgari jewelry drawings displayed around the corner of the cabinet imply the owner's inner life attitude. The luxurious quality and fashionable style are self-evident here.

Full of real life situations

 Activate the vitality of space by design

The master bedroom continues the luxurious and elegant space atmosphere. The metal edging zipper technology at the head of the bed, the exquisite and gorgeous beaded pillows, the elegant floral art of dried branches, and the Italian architectural prints have once again strengthened Bulgari’s style and style. The style highlights the full and real life situation, and also shows the designer's meticulous and professional control of materials and quality.

The elderly room is intended to convey a low-key and steady spatial texture. The design is calm and restrained in color, adding light white and elegant gray to the continuation of the dark green tone. The floral carpet, coupled with a few natural floral decorations, makes the space simple yet comfortable and elegant.

A lively and sunny boy who likes fencing. The fencing on the bed and the hanging pictures on the wall vividly describe the personality of the child. In addition, the designer uses the collision of sea blue and sand orange, the geometric morpheme matching of circles and lines, the combination of abstract hanging paintings and trendy dolls to give people a new and energetic look and feel visually, depicting freshness. Living space character.

The design here tries to use "Pink Mickey" as the theme to interpret the girl's pure and sweet spiritual world. Exquisite butterfly chairs, pink and white plush carpets, cute and well-behaved Mickey wall decorations...The layers of soft decorations and colors make the dream and sweetness permeate the space, conveying the design Girl's tenderness and care.

How to realize the value of space by design and activate the vitality of space is the key to the deep research of Zhenpin Space Design in the practice of the residential field for many years. In the Taidong Hongshuwan Yuefu case, the design of Zhenpin Space breaks through the boundaries of style, integrates classic culture and space art, and examines daily life space from the perspective of elite circles, creating a model of high-end residential living in contemporary cities.

project name丨Taidong Hongshuwan Yuefu Project 215 Model House

Project site丨Guangdong Huizhou

Project area丨215㎡

Time for completion丨In May 2021

Soft outfit design丨ZPD space design

Soft outfit design and landing丨ZPD space design

The project of photography丨Dabin Photography

ZPD Space Design was founded in 2010, with architectural decoration engineering design special Class A qualification, focus on providing real estate and public construction customers with a set of architectural consulting, interior design, soft decoration and display, high-end boutique project construction landing integration solutions, is a full range of services to customers of professional design agency.

Realize the value of space by design, activate the vitality of space, the best space design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine the design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect the regional culture and traditional craft, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetic and design, which constitute the unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and the continuation of the context, and break the boundary, explore the architectural interior space and avant-garde art, pop culture, Oriental temperament, future technology, the infinite extension of practice space: elegant, light luxury.

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