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Intertwined with the times, dialogue with the past and the present, and interlinked with the humanities

The integration of the East and the contemporary is not attributed to a concrete entity, but is deeply rooted in the foundation and connotation of culture, interpreting a new artistic conception intertwined with the times, dialogue with ancient and modern, and humanities.

Oriental Famous Mansion, as a masterpiece of Jiantou's real estate government system upgrade, is located in the east of Bozhou City, Anhui Province, adjacent to the first-line ecological landscapes such as Wencai Park, Bocheng Park, and Waterfront Park. Life is true, constructing a beautiful human settlement that blends the contemporary city with natural poetry, matching the ultimate vision of the ideal human settlement of the high-net-worth circle. The interior design of its sales office is led by Zhenpin Space Design.

In the pen of Zhenpin Space Design, the design traces the cultural implication and the accumulation of aesthetics in the contemporary oriental context, and reflects the inner vitality of the space through the in-depth exploration and interpretation of nature, art and humanities, creating a rhyme that inherits the past and the present. , A multi-scene cultural experience hall with rich interest.

"The Oriental context in the contemporary context is a cultural heritage endowed with new ideas, and it also implies a spiritual core that resonates between the past and the present. In the case of the famous oriental mansion, through the integration of traditional oriental elements and urban humanities, we want to convey more than just The elegant and agile beauty of form, but sublimated the style of the scene in the humanistic background, highlights the unique field situation, so that it not only has the elegant charm of the East, but also gives people a brand-new spatial experience.

Stepping into the front hall, the quaint and majestic zongmu-colored bookshelves extend the level and tension of the space with concise lines, while the books and oriental sketches resting in between reveal a leisurely and elegant oriental sentiment. The traditional aftertaste in the meantime is like a scroll slowly unfolding, so beautiful and natural.

From the perspective of Zhenpin Space Design, the contemporary expression of traditional oriental elements is not only directed to form, but an image-based spiritual transmission. Under the paved narrative of ink-and-wash marbles, mountain stone sculptures, garden tree sketches, and geometric splicing chandeliers like hazy clouds, as several elegant decorations, each has its own interest, which is full of form but also belongs to the meaning, and together they will be elegant and reserved. Intrinsic writing space.

The clear rhyme of dark blue, the simplicity of brown and yellow, the calmness of the wood surface, the color tones achieve an elegant connection here, showing the breath of lightness and classic beauty. The warm and moist ink-and-wash carpets have unique freehand beauty, echoing the sense of orderly lighting. Under the control of the design context, tradition and contemporary are intertwined to create a harmonious space atmosphere.

The transparent screen serves as a partition, revealing a poetic flavor in the hazy cover, composing the rhythm and style of the space between the virtual and the real, the light and the shadow, and the clouds, the treasure box, and the paper fan are displayed on one of the cabinets., All turned into agile oriental rhymes, linking a group of leisurely moods.

The meaning of oriental aesthetics is both born outside and inside the image. Several elegant, imaginary, light and light ink lines are soaked in the essence of oriental charm, creating a realm between the square and the circle, making the charm of emptiness revolve in it.

Over the years, Zhenpin Space design has continuously broken through the boundaries of space, and is good at activating the value and vitality of space through the diversified integration of natural philosophy and human context. In the case of the famous oriental mansion, it stands on the height of cultural resonance, traces its origin, embraces the humanities, and integrates the image, context, and connotation from the East with contemporary design techniques to create a profound and rich cultural quality. Sense of experience space.

project name丨Oriental Mingfu Sales Center

Project site丨Anhui Bozhou

Project area丨980㎡

Time for completion丨In May 2019

Soft outfit design丨ZPD space design

Hard outfit design丨ZPD space design

ZPD Space Design was founded in 2010, with architectural decoration engineering design special Class A qualification, focus on providing real estate and public construction customers with a set of architectural consulting, interior design, soft decoration and display, high-end boutique project construction landing integration solutions, is a full range of services to customers of professional design agency.

Realize the value of space by design, activate the vitality of space, the best space design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine the design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect the regional culture and traditional craft, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetic and design, which constitute the unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and the continuation of the context, and break the boundary, explore the architectural interior space and avant-garde art, pop culture, Oriental temperament, future technology, the infinite extension of practice space: elegant, light luxury.

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