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Use design to realize space value and activate space vitality.

In 2010, ZPD Space Design was founded in Shenzhen by designer Zheng Junhua and his colleague and friend Ken Hu

“For our projects, we go to the construction site one by one to discuss cooperation。”Talking about entrepreneurial experience, Zheng Junhua quite feeling. According to statistics, Jeong junhua alone has gone on 529 business trips since 2015.

As a design company with grade A qualification of architectural decoration engineering design, ZPD Space Design focuses on providing integrated solutions of architectural consulting, interior design, soft decoration and high-end customization for real estate and public construction clients. After ten years of cultivation, the best space design has grown steadily and gained recognition from many industries. He has participated in the design and construction of projects all over China, and has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with cofco, Hope, Vanke, R&F, Cambridge, Country Garden and other real estate groups. In 2016, The world of Tomorrowland of Shanghai Disneyland, which was invited to participate in the design of The best Space Design, made an amazing appearance, which had a great response in the industry.

"Whatever it is, I think it should be done in depth. As long as you work hard and earn recognition from your clients, they are likely to bring you more surprises and additional opportunities." Zheng Junhua dedication, diligence and positive working attitude impress every partner. It is precisely this simple and sincere character that makes Jopin space design deeply professional and establish a down-to-earth and trustworthy image.

In the 11th year since its establishment, what design values does ZPD Space Design adhere to? What professional advantages have been established? What predictions does Mr. Zheng Junhua have on the future real estate design trends? Where will the company go in the future? With these questions, the reporter specially interviewed its co-founder Mr. Zheng Junhua.

Paul Zheng

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association

Senior interior architect/senior engineer

Vice President of the Real Estate EMBA Alumni Association of Sun Yat-sen University

For more than 20 years, Zheng Junhua has been deeply engaged in interior design, soft furnishings and other professional fields, and specializes in providing integrated design solutions for customers. Its design focuses on space detail research, space crossover and breakthrough of new thinking, to solve practical problems as the priority, to the landing effect as the top priority, to the space user experience as the measurement standard, and integrated into the whole process of space design, to bring practical value for customers.


Opportunity:Disney's design invitation

At the end of September 2013, a CD-ROM from the Shanghai Disney Bidding Company was sent to Zheng Junhua. The idea of the Shanghai Disney Tomorrowland theme park project in the CD-ROM made him feel excited, and at the same time, many challenges emerged in front of him, making him feel shocked. Uneasy.

At that time, there were very few similar projects in China, and the lack of experience in such projects in The domestic design team, coupled with a series of non-standard Spaces and amusement equipment involving extremely complex technical and safety requirements, scared many design companies, but Zheng Junhua decided to "gamble". After receiving the project, he locked himself in his room for the whole National Day holiday, day and night, and prepared a thick "car" of materials.

At the first Disney meet-and-greet, the rest of the design team sat in a conference room in suits, except for Zheng Junhua, who wore casual clothes and pulled a small cart to buy vegetables. It turned out that Zheng Junhua was prepared. When it was his turn to report, he would quickly respond to Disney's questions from his small trailer, pointing out potential problems with the space and offering his own ideas. After several rounds of competition, Zheng Junhua finally won the recognition of party A and was given the opportunity to participate in this world-renowned project.

"Disney is not judging you on your image or the size of the company, but on your pragmatism, ability and cooperation. I think it was their readiness that won them over." Zheng Junhua recalls the bidding story.

From 3D modeling to BIM preview, from non-standard process implementation to the entry of recreational equipment, Zheng Junhua and his team devoted themselves to the project and grew together with it for more than 1,000 days and nights in the following three years. It is also the world's top large-scale amusement park that opens another door for extreme space design. "We will never lock ourselves in a small model room again!" Zheng Junhua said.

Shanghai Disney Tomorrowland Theme Park


Transformation: Based on specialty, break limitation

Expand diversified businesses such as real estate, hotels and smart parks

Since 2013, ZPD space design has not only gradually formed an international vision, but also made continuous progress and breakthroughs in the direction of high standard design level, exquisite construction technology and different operation and management modes. It has begun to develop into diversified formats, and its business covers real estate, luxury housing, commercial office, hotel and catering, etc. Moreover, it has successively cooperated with overseas enterprises such as Wenhyatt Hotel in France, Changyi Group in Singapore and PIA in Thailand.

"No matter how big a project is, it still has to be designed in pieces like tofu. In contact with more than 50,000 square before the hotel, we have only designed a few thousand square projects. We did it systematically and methodically." Facing the challenge of cross-format design, Zheng Junhua has risen to the challenge and cleverly found a solution to the space design problem with strategic thinking and systematic approach. At the same time, in this process, he kept thinking about "how to realize the value of space through design and activate the vitality of space", which has become the key to the in-depth study of the best space design in the future design practice.

After more than ten years of in-depth professional development and accumulation of experience, Zheng Junhua led ZPD space design to gradually establish three unique advantages -- "strategic thinking, problem solving", "systematic and efficient, whole-process control", "design for people, seeking for innovation".

Chongqing ·Wenyue (France) City Resort Hotel 

Project area:45000 m²


Chengdu·Tianfu New District Central Europe Wisdom City Service Apartment

Project area:46000 m²


Cambodia · Singapore Changyi Group GATEWAY Hotel And Apartments Phnom Penh

Project area:20000 m²


Strategic thinking, problem solving

As a service-oriented creative design company, ZPD Space Design firmly takes "win-win with customers" as the goal, and is committed to becoming the "steward" of customer projects; To design to enhance value as the concept, closely follow the strategic trend of customers, deeply understand the use of the project function, precise positioning of target users, good at listening to and strive to achieve the real demands of customers; With rational and systematic design strategy as the overall planning, to provide customized professional services for customers.

Efficient system, full control

ZPD space Design has gradually formed a scientific and systematic management process in the design service, with the whole process service ability from architectural consultant, space design, soft outfit collocation and landing, as well as the comprehensive coordination of architecture and interior, hard outfit and soft outfit, lighting and electromechanical and other professional ability. It always adheres to the original intention, focuses on quality and strives for perfection. From strategy to detail, it not only invests wholeheartedly in creation, but also strictly controls the landing effect in the later landing process, actively helps customers solve problems in the process, realizes cost control and effectively creates a truly happy space.

Design human, seeking new

Hope for a better living space good ZPD space design was built, so the key considerations in the design of user requirements, by understanding the spirit of the ideal target customers, present their hopes of a better life, strive to design in the age, in two main categories, namely, living space and public space search for innovation, and deep research in different populations and contemporary lifestyle, activate the vitality space.

A8 Music Group • Shenzhen Digital Music Building


Cofco Chuanxin office model room

Project area:2000 m²



Deep ploughing: building systematic housing design theory

As the high-end residential system resolution by participants, Zheng Junhua in residential design theory and the practice experience, senior understands how from the morphology of the architectural space environment, interior structure, function setting, comfortable space configuration, soft outfit display collocation, local cultural background and present dimensions, such as definition and build perfect and comfortable interior living space.

Zheng Junhua advocates that the design should first lay out the requirements framework, then analyze each branch in depth, from the large framework to the expression of every detail, and finally build a systematic and in-depth housing system.

Therefore, zheng Junhua divides the "housing system" into household system, living system, storage system, outdoor system, logistics system, security system and entertainment system based on the daily life and interaction of the house. On this basis, further do the functional subdivision of the region. When the house is like an "onion", the designer can quickly find a "grip" at the initial stage of the design, that is, according to the needs of different residents, the internal functions of the area can be added and deleted accordingly.

Of course, good design doesn't stop there. Zheng junhua believes that good designers often incarnate themselves as space users, experiencers and maintainers. This requires designers not only to rationally analyze the structural form, cultural background, local materials and other contents of the interior of the building, but also to know the circles and identity, experience and emotional needs of the space metaphor, so as to design and realize artistically.

In the case of Wanke Baisharun Mansion, The best space design promotes the overall space design based on life details, and constructs the interaction and internal connection between users and space. The biggest challenge for the five-story single-family villa is how to bring cross ventilation and sufficient light to the two underground floors. In the end, Cheng opened up the two sunken courtyards to create a "breathing house", a leisure field where wind and light travel freely.

Vanke Bai Sha Run garden single-family villa

Project area:1700 m²


"Design needs planning", Zheng Junhua further elaborated his design thinking. He suggests that designers should think from three dimensions: understanding, practice and exploration.

When entering the research and development state, designers need to comb out and summarize the commonalities and form a standardized model through exploration and excavation. On this basis, go a step further, combined with personality, to create IP label, can not only ensure stable production, but also do not lose the spirit of innovation.

He also reminded, “Innovation does not mean'self-heeling' design. Blindly arrogant ideas will only make the design illusory. We hope to truly restore the scene and present value to customers down-to-earth. No design for awards, no need Excessive marketing."

ZPD space design, based on years of theoretical research and exploration practice in the field of real estate luxury housing, deeply considers the specific meaning of life scenes to people, and uses rational and systematic design logic to interpret the needs of living, integrating creativity and user experience to create a living space with both functions and aesthetics.

Huizhou Taidong Mangrove Bay Yue Mansion

Project area:215 ㎡



Trend: Consider "Cost reduction and Efficiency Increase" from the perspective of enterprise operation

The rapid development of real estate for 20 years has been a triumphant song along the way. Next, where will the industry head? This is the question in the mind of every real estate person.

"We are anxious, and customers are also anxious. Some customers tell us that the various financial costs of a project are hundreds of thousands every day. Therefore, we must learn to empathize, think from the perspective of business operations, and be flexible Flexible work processes." Zheng Junhua believes that due to the changes in the industry environment, the market has gradually matured, and customers have become very rational. Therefore, this is a great impact on the designer’s or design company’s brand awareness, design innovation capabilities, new technology application, and outstanding performance. The performance of the case, the team's coordinated operations and cooperation, landability, and high cost-effectiveness, etc., put forward higher requirements than ever before.

In view of the current situation of the industry, Zheng Junhua put forward the design of "good, fast, accurate" these three basic principles. "Good" means beautiful, aesthetic and innovative, so that the customer experience is good. "Fast" means efficient cooperation and timely communication. "Precision" means precise investment. From another dimension, it means "reducing cost and increasing efficiency", that is, continuously improving functionality on the premise of reducing cost.

Jinhai Group Park Hyatt Cultural Travel town

Project area:12000 m²


Massive Dynamic • Yundu Hui Life Experience Pavilion

Project area:6500 m²


Yiwu · Beijing Collaborative Innovation Yiwu Smart Park Industrial Center

Project area:1500 m²


Regarding the future real estate design trend, Zheng Junhua said that in the whole national economy, the real estate industry will still be in a relatively important position in a certain period of time, "the car will not brake so fast." At the same time, with the development of China's urbanization and the aging of society, rural construction, cultural and tourism economy, health care and smart parks will be paid attention to.

Among them, the construction of smart parks is particularly worthy of attention. This type of building mainly serves some labor-intensive enterprises that require pollution treatment. The logic behind this is that with the increasing environmental protection requirements and labor costs of factories in cities, in order to obtain better development possibilities, companies increasingly need smart parks that can provide centralized pollution treatment and reduce labor costs.

"I hope that we can become a high-quality design company in the future. Just as our core concept-'Achieve the best, the quality is far-reaching', Zhen refers to getting better and better; Quality refers to quality and morality; Cui, I hope that there will be more good works gathered here; Zhiyuan means to have lofty ambitions, to bring a better platform for the employees of the company, and to make a little contribution to the industry and society. We hope to do as much better this year as possible. Finish more high-quality works." Zheng Junhua looked forward.

ZPD Space Design was founded in 2010, with special Grade A qualification of architectural decoration engineering design, focusing on providing integrated solutions of architectural consulting, interior design, lighting design and soft decoration for real estate and public construction customers. ZPD Space Design is a professional design agency serving customers in a full range of services.

To design to realize the value of space, activate the vitality of space,ZPD Space Design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect regional culture and traditional crafts, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetics and design to create a unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and continuity of context, and break the boundary to explore the connection between the interior space of the building and avant-garde art, popular culture, Oriental temperament and future technology, and practice the infinite extension of the space: elegant, light luxury.


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