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A community interaction field with more multidimensional possibilities and more foresight.




Ningxia has long been known as the "Seibei Jiangnan" since ancient times. In the "Preface to the Poems of the Eight Scenes in Xixia" by the king of Mingqing, Zhu Wei, it was performed as Helan Qingxue, Hanqu Qiusheng, Moon Lake Sunset, Huangsha Ancient Crossing, Black Water The ancient city, the willow color of the official bridge, the autumn breeze of Lingwu, and the bell of the Brahma Temple are the eight great victories and scenery. The origins of civilization are rooted in them, and they are interdependent with the form of life, forming a self-contained scenery and trendy interest.

Juli · Building outside Yundu Hui

Juli · Yunduhui is located in the southern end of Helan Center, Yinchuan City, with accessible transportation and mature commercial supporting facilities. In the bustling living area, juli · Yunduhui will build a community environment with high green land rate and double ring structure, with diversified art activity space layout, and create a trendy metropolis with a new quality of life. The interior design and soft decoration design of Cloud+ living experience museum, owner's restaurant and Sunshine book Bar were written by famous design company Best Space Design.



ZPD space design, which always insists on realizing space value through design, is good at activating space vitality through full consideration of project positioning, natural philosophy and continuity of context. "Sustainable experience and real Life scenes, are the core of the Co - Life theme iterative evolution, we also give the proposition experience centre to the case, both the art aesthetic height, and can realize fine way of Life, showing a art, food, wet fun, sports, Life forms such as overlapping multi-function community, It is also a metropolitan living field for the future lifestyle." In the design, the best space design based on site conditions, culture, lifestyle, serial reaction, with the creation of nothing down, nothing up, in the choice and annulment of adjust measures to local conditions, break through the boundary of the inherent, proper use of color, natural light, to connect more profound art and more abundant life, to the people through ancient and modern, unique SheCu current experience.




The height of art and the temperature of life are equal

Trace Culture and Relieve Spirit in Nature.


"Hidden" and "present"

Under the pen of ZPD space design, the injection of the essence of Ningxia culture and its deep integration with ecological technology and creative design have become the unique characteristics of this space. The designer skillfully uses the technique of quoting the past and comparing the present to express the local cultural temperament with contemporary materials. Through the vocabulary of "hidden" and the structure of "present", the artistic contours are all revealed under the light and shadow, deducing a field of future lifestyle and aesthetic art space that gives consideration to sales.

Reception hall

Borrowing scenery from nature is a masterstroke of the designer to connect the interior and exterior. In the hands of the designer, the Oriental painting of the courtyard waterscape and welcoming pine trees is framed into a half-moon painting. Through the dense wooden grille, it becomes a hazy picture. "The undulating woodwork ceiling, just like the boundless sand dune, will be magnificent magnificent atmosphere in the ground to the extreme, leading people immersed in the Txixia civilization in the memory."

Scarpa's detailed structural aesthetics

The structure of the reception desk, quoting Scarpa's detailed structural aesthetics, sublimates the form of art in the exquisite edges and corners. The designer's use of color is quite delicate, through the light of the faint dye, outline the gradual level between light color and air, subtly change the inner temperament of the space, in the unpredictable one by one instantaneous silhouette, let people wander in the artistic conception of painting, express the nearly eternal aesthetic memory.

"Rock" art painting

Light and shadow have their own poetry, designers keenly capture and use the drama of light, derived from the unique art form of rock painting totem, so that light becomes the coordinator of space rhythm. The traditional Oriental roof structure, through the designer's contemporary simplification and shaping, at the same time, in the light of the built-in lamp belt light source, burst out a minimalist aesthetic vitality. Winding, winding, mixing, deformation...... Ethereal artistic lighting in the air, the designer deduces the seemingly free but orderly form of natural scenery into a beautiful order, presenting an immersive scene of decorative art with infinite implications.

In the negotiation area of xuan Lang, the designer retains a skylight, which makes the natural light and shadow diffuse into the space, and realizes the transition of beauty inside and outside with the artistic scene. The blend of volume and color becomes a three-dimensional artistic vocabulary in the space, setting off a simple and elegant contemporary impression.

In the designer's view, the artistic technique of virtual reality is indispensable to shape the artistic conception of space. Dune and oasis, full moon and settlement, the designer ingeniously combined pure block morphemes with abstract lamp belts, sketching the artistic dialogue with rich levels but implicit and introspective, injecting a touch of vitality into the space and constructing a beautiful experience field.

Discuss the area

The designer draws materials from contemporary materials and takes shape from Oriental system. The transparent crystal squares are connected in series one by one, laying out as a screen partition of condensation and gathering meaning, so that the natural light filters out the vulgar things and keeps the poetry. It sets off an interesting scene with the dry pine sketch and dense ink painting, rendering the contemporary Oriental art scene.

The VIP room

Avenue to simple, is the design of an extremely pure form of externalization. For the construction of VIP room, the designer takes simplicity as fashion, and at the same time conveys the coexistence of space quality and taste through exquisite layout and furniture details.

Curve is everywhere, no matter on wall painting, carpet, or art installation, all have vivid interpretation, and transparent tea table, the line in wood art grille form distinct three-dimensional vision.




Co-Life:Home of life, linkage of art

The trend is changeable and new. The iteration and innovation of real estate products are always based on the enrichment and upgrading of a better life, which is the consensus of developers and designers. ZPD Space Design believes that the concept of Co-life, which continues to expand under the trend of "de-sale", is the artistic linkage of Life scenes, the realization of sustainable community interaction and long-term service to community residents. This case also is the special, "multifunctional composite experience center, as a part of the community, is a new experience in urban life platform, will greatly enrich residents life radius choice, let owner never leave the community, to enjoy the sunshine a book club, restaurant owner, community theatre, 4:30 school, coffee shop, gym, multiple functions such as amphitheatre, Enjoy a good time with friends and family, and experience a neighborly atmosphere in a wide range of community activities." Designers talk about building communities and communities.

Community Theatre


Community theatre is a high frequency venue for parent-child interaction. Community activities such as film viewing and small performances can also be held. Around the semicircular stage, the designer loaded the interactive and interesting nature of community theater, combined with the unique ceiling shape with orderly radian and gradual color change, to eliminate the linear vision of wooden ladder seats and bookshelves, and highlight the sense of hierarchy and drama of space.

Community Center


Yunxiaoge is an independent space integrating book area, handwork area, water bar area, coffee shop, stair classroom and children's picture book area. "The original intention of building sunshine Book Bar is to restore the real reading field, rather than floating on the surface. Therefore, we take into account people's needs for reading books, purchasing cultural and creative products, tasting western coffee, holding reading sharing sessions, parent-child interaction and other dimensions, to create a library of books, community activities gathering place, high-quality private meeting room."

Self-Study Room


The 4:30 school is the community's humanistic care for school-age children, providing a quiet self-study space. The designer uses blue and white as the main tone, with bright yellow and wood colors as the embellishment. Through the thematic situation, the space narrative is opened and the 4:30 school is endowed with a calm and regular temperament.

Anacreontic tonal, interesting modeling, animal shape ornaments, is the design of children's entertainment area. Through lively and positive morphemes, the designer hopes to create a childlike fantasy to accompany children to spend a happy time.

Art / Chess Room


The book case of primitive simplicity system, the dry branch flower art that has lasting appeal and thick ink draw the outline of the wall picture, it is the Oriental footnote that stylist endows a space. The residents who love writing and ink in the community can paint here and make friends with their neighbors. The space is orderly and the atmosphere is harmonious.

Chinese Anime Area


"Considering commercial operation and transformation, the space is not a single book sales area, but a N+1 format that integrates cultural and creative products, hand crafts, IP, drinks and other color products, so as to reach the leisure consumption needs of different customer groups. It's also an interesting demonstration of the culture of the community, where people walk in the culture and actually live in the community.

Owner Restaurant


The owner's restaurant is divided into two floors, the first floor is positioned as the owner's neighborhood dining hall, and the second floor is set as a customized private dining room. In the early stage, as a vivid experience scene, it arouses visitors' endless longing for the future life -- busy parents can rest assured of the quality and safety of their children's meals here; Younger owners, who do not like to cook, have a nearby, affordable canteen; Owners who want to entertain relatives and friends nearby can make an appointment in advance and experience a sense of reverence. The owner's neighborhood canteen from the front hall to the reception area, kitchen, dining area, dining area, all present high grade, high quality tonality. Designers through the harmony of red, blue tone, and the use of wood art material, with contemporary minimalist space, arouse people's desire for food.

Private Dining Room


The designer divided the private banquet hall on the second floor into five medium boxes that can accommodate 10 people and one deluxe box that can accommodate 16 people. At the same time, the partition of the box can be flexibly opened and connected to meet the needs of larger parties and banquets. The sense of respect for private enjoyment and the sense of quality of exclusive banquet are integrated into the designer's design idea of the space, and the unique theme is finally customized for the boxes of different volumes. Through the warm wood veneer, luxurious leather and geometric shape, the elegant ritual sense and style of the space are set off.

Fitness Area


In this fast-paced era, people's pleasant perception of life comes from the overlapping and interweaving of multi-dimensional scenes and multi-dimensional experiences. With a precise insight into the needs of customers, experiencers and residents, the designer not only focuses on the design itself, but also pays more attention to the sustainable use and operation of the future. With a multi-functional dance studio, gym, swimming pool and light food area, the designer creates a community public space for sports and leisure for the community residents.

To achieve the highest quality. ZPD space design is always based on the multi-dimensional consideration of design creativity, user experience and customer demands, so as to achieve unique and infinitely extended field experience. In the case of Juli · Yundu Hui, based on the forward-looking vision of community format and community operation, the designer combined site culture, natural scenery, traditional crafts and artistic aesthetics to achieve the re-creation of space and environment -- not only to achieve the organic harmony of function and aesthetics, Moreover, the multi-dimensional community public space such as life scenes, commercial formats, interactive Spaces and sports venues is unlocked. The composite and superposition formats inject a steady stream of vitality into the community and properly penetrate into the daily life of users, making people find their inner fullness and spiritual pleasure. "In any case, I would like to express my gratitude to massive Dynamic for their trust and the guidance and help of all the staff, especially those in the technical department."

project name丨Giant · Yundu Hui

Project site丨Yinchuan City · Ningxia

Project area丨6345㎡

Time for completion丨September 2021

Interior design丨ZPD space design

Soft outfit design丨ZPD space design

architectural design丨Huacheng Boyuan

project photography丨Dabin Photography

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To design to realize the value of space, activate the vitality of space,ZPD Space Design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect regional culture and traditional crafts, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetics and design to create a unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and continuity of context, and break the boundary to explore the connection between the interior space of the building and avant-garde art, popular culture, Oriental temperament and future technology, and practice the infinite extension of the space: elegant, light luxury.


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