Interview with ZPD Paul Zheng:Super IP and behind-the-scenes sweeper

Time: 2022-03-25 16:50:28

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Use strategies and systems to make design a problem solving medium.

We like to label things, pioneer, experiment, rebel... Such labels based on internal experience may be just to facilitate the presentation of the overall appearance of things, but they do not really conform to the facts and imagination.


Some people like to gain recognition through labels, while others refuse to be defined. For example, Jeong Junhua, founder of The Best Space Design, will not be defined without labels.


In 2022, this design company, which has been in business for 12 years but has always been low-key, has reached its first reincarnation. For Paul Zheng this year, it may be like a double-sided Janus, both looking towards the future and looking back at the past.

Paul Zheng

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association

Senior interior architect/senior engineer

Vice President of the Real Estate EMBA Alumni Association of Sun Yat-sen University

For more than 20 years, Paul Zheng has been deeply engaged in interior design, soft furnishings and other professional fields, and is good at providing integrated design solutions for customers. Its design focuses on space detail research, space crossover and breakthrough of new thinking, to solve practical problems as the priority, to the landing effect as the top priority, to the space user experience as the measurement standard, and integrated into the whole process of space design, to bring practical value for customers.


The sweeper behind the design

In 2010, ZPD Space Design was established. With an unintentional opportunity, Zhenpin Space Design became the cooperation unit of Sichuan Hope Group's real estate project. Party A of the Hope Group appreciates the design attitude of

Paul Zheng's team, from hard to soft, from hard to soft. Real estate model room to hotel. They built trust and achieved their common goals like a comrade in the trenches attacking the city and conquering the land, and thus opened the prelude to the deep cultivation of the southwest region.

In 2013, Disney's Tomorrowland theme Park project introduced the original unknown characters into the international vision, from real estate projects to public construction projects, from multi-business development to multiple cooperation with foreign enterprises. The rare altruism of Paul Zheng gradually opened up the pattern for The Best.


In order to better understand the needs of customers and provide more practical services, in recent years, Paul Zheng's schedule is full of business trips, from Guangzhou to Sichuan, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai... From Yunnan to Cambodia, there are as many as 557 times of air travel, among which the same day round-trip and multi-threaded flight occupy a considerable proportion


And this is just Paul Zheng's daily life.


Since its establishment, the pace of ZPD has been solid and firm. It is Paul Zheng's  operating principle that it is not rash and not greedy for more. From a hotel as large as tens of thousands of square meters to a model room as small as 20 square meters, ZPD has taken a different approach in design and walked out of a differentiated route.

-  Juli · Yunduhui Life Experience Museum  -

-  Juli · Yunduhui Model House Type B  -

Although there are many achievements praised by the outside world, Paul Zheng's  has always been hidden behind the scenes, reluctant to engage in unnecessary entertainment and socializing for fame and fortune. In addition to project management, Paul Zheng's  prefers to draw a mind map with his team and sort out the current situation of the company, customers and market with his employees. The company culture of ZPD is to allow everyone who has come to grow up.


He is like a sweeping monk-like character in Jin Yong's novels. He seems to be unremarkable but has deep inner strength. Every move and every style is the result of the combined effect of personal cultivation and time. Asked if it's a shame not to have a clear and quick-to-remember label when designers and design firms are hidden behind the scenes? Zheng Junhua said frankly that the space is created for the user, and the designer must clarify his position and always hold the heart of service and fulfillment.


Yes, a space created for users should not leave its own shadow and selfishness.


In his opinion, the highest honor of the company must come from the recognition and evaluation of Party A. There is a row of thank-you letters stamped and certified by Party A in the most conspicuous part of his company. This thin piece of paper is more important in Paul Zheng's heart than Mount Tai. , this is the reward and proof of sincerity and sweat.


Today, ZPD not only has long-term and stable cooperation with COFCO, Hope Group, Vanke, R&F, Cambridge, Country Garden domestic real estate group, as well as state-owned enterprises such as Jiantou and SDIC, but also has long-term and stable cooperation with French Wen Yue Hotel, Singapore Changyi Group, Thailand PIA, etc. Many overseas enterprises have established project cooperative relations.

-  Chongqing Wenyue (France) Urban Resort Hotel  -

This superficially borrowed nameless sweeper monk who never walks in the rivers and lakes has become a legend in the rivers and lakes.


One Thousand and One Nights with Super IP

Who are the women who will become phenomenal in 2021? The Disney doll Lena Belle does her part. This new top streamer who enjoys the treatment of the fan circle on Weibo and has become a WeChat emoji package from the hot search on Weibo, not only makes people admire the star-making ability of Disney, this super IP, but also makes more people understand that Disney has always been imitated, never surpassed.

What's behind Disneyland where even leaves are swept into the shape of Mickey Mouse? Of course, 100% of the dream experience is inseparable from 200% of design, operation, management, service...

In 2013, Paul Zheng's, who had just started his business for three years, received an olive branch from Shanghai Disneyland.


Facing the dream project of Tomorrowland Park, Paul Zheng's felt uneasy at first. First, the type of Disney project has never been contacted. Second, Disney has strict requirements and the technology involved is complicated. Whether a company like Zhenpin can do it, Zheng Junhua Unsure of what to do, under repeated struggles, I longed to overcome anxiety.


At that time, it coincided with the National Day holiday. When various photo contests in the circle of friends were staged in turn, Zheng Junhua locked himself in his room and studied pictures day and night. Until the first meeting of the project, Paul Zheng's couldn't find a suitable box, so he pulled a small grocery shopping trailer, filled a car with documents and went.

In front of Party A's team in suits and shoes and his peers, Paul Zheng's, who is informal, answered the questions thrown by Party A fluently, calmly responded to some neglected small details, passed the test, and finally conquered the Disney management team with his professionalism.


This seems to be a dream start, but in the next three years, Zheng Junhua and the team have not had a "good" life.


Paul Zheng's saw the strong management and design capabilities of foreign companies. Disney has a very professional third-party management company. Party A has little authority in design and construction, and even takes the initiative to take responsibility for problems. How rigorous or strict is the foreign team? The drawings submitted by Paul Zheng's have to be reviewed at least four times. The construction sample test of a cement road leading to the Happy Stage has been done more than ten times. Every process, every process, and every material has been repeatedly tested. Only the final large-scale implementation will be carried out, and even the most inconspicuous details will not be missed.


In the past three years, Paul Zheng's led the team to devote himself to it and was repeatedly "tortured", from 3D modeling to BIM preview, from the implementation of non-standard craftsmanship to the entry of amusement equipment. After more than a thousand days and nights, the final product was delivered. On the perfect answer sheet, I contributed my little power to the super paradise of extraordinary experience.


Sometimes things don't change, just the perspective and way of looking at the problem. After this battle, Paul Zheng's cleared the fog, found his own position, and regarded the project as a process of constantly creating "adventures".


Step by step to activate the vitality of space

In the cognition of ZPD, users are always ahead of Party A, but in fact, thinking about problems from the perspective of Party A is also the nirvana of ZPD.


"We always communicate with the client when Party A is preparing for the planning and design of the project, and clarify the basic functional layout, bay size, space level, and descending range, etc., and consider the space movement and personnel positions from the perspective of operation. Settings, etc., to minimize the cost of renovation caused by the second decoration. From lighting, electrical and mechanical to soft decoration, even if Party A does not prepare this cost, we will still help him prepare a complete plan, because I know very well The importance of the integrity of a project."


Paul Zheng's understands that when the designer understands the project enough, the designer is like opening the perspective of God who is omniscient and omnipotent. Every move in the future is like a step-by-step chess game, and the foothold is always at the most correct intersection. In terms of design, he prefers the certainty of each step to the hesitation of each step.


Compared with more visually impactful designs, the products led by Zheng Junhua focus more on solving practical problems, advocating simplicity and moderation.

For residential design, Paul Zheng's summed up his understanding in eight words: the wind is sunny, the warm and comfortable.


He uses plain words to accurately summarize the most simple design concept. The purpose of residential design is to build a benign relationship between people, space and nature. Lighting, ventilation, layout, and temperature, the construction of a residence needs to pay attention to countless factors and details.


Taking the 1700㎡ villa project in Yunnan as an example, sunken gardens are set up on the east and west sides of the whole building. The advantage of this design is that no matter the sunrise or sunset, the sun and wind can run into the original dark and closed basement. It is not only Zheng Junhua's innovation on the subtleties of human settlements, but also the greatest tribute to life.

- Vanke Kunming Baisha Runyuan Villa  -

When it comes to the topic of "innovation", Paul Zheng's also believes that "innovation is not just about seeking novelty and being cool, but a kind of pragmatism. By capturing the potential needs of users, it makes a dialectical analysis of the development and changes of things, and finally combines self-experience with The process of visualizing the experience of others.


For example, the living habits of modern families have changed, and many couples will choose a more independent living in separate houses. How to give a new pattern to the house is also a practical innovation.


Some designers like the "self-healing style", but they only pursue their own value but ignore the real users behind them. Paul Zheng's clearly knows that Party A has its own needs, and believes that design is innovating and serving market needs and customers at the same time. "Good design is definitely not to please Party A or to show individuality, the most important thing is to meet the needs of the audience."

 "Don't take yourself too seriously, weaken yourself properly, and don't be too self-righteous." This is Paul Zheng's admonition to himself and his consistent design attitude.

- Yiwu·Beijing Collaborative Innovation Yiwu Smart Park Industrial Center  -

Under the leadership of Paul Zheng's, Zhenpin continues to break through the design concept of existing thinking, and gradually makes Zhenpin a design company that "realizes the value of space through design and activates the vitality of space", and its business covers real estate, luxury residences, commercial offices, Hotel catering and many other areas. "To me, these projects are all the same, they are all indoors, used for people's living, living and activities, but the business format is different, but they are cruising in different business formats, allowing us to bring the warmth and life of a private house bedroom to life. into a hotel room while bringing the sophistication and functionality of a hotel room to a private bedroom.”


Today, ZPD has developed towards a comprehensive range of business formats, with business areas covering real estate, luxury residences, commercial offices, hotels and catering, etc., and has formed three unique advantages under the 12-year precipitation and deep cultivation - "Strategic thinking, solving Problems", "system efficient, whole-process control", "design for people, explore new ideas".


At present, ZPD is striving to replace the design, exploring and practicing as always. Using SKetchUp to preview the whole process, it needs to be repeatedly deduced during the actual landing, and it contains too much depth of professional and complex technology in its hidden timeline. Zheng Junhua said that it may not be possible to fully implement the concept when it is actually implemented, but Zhenpin has long recognized the importance of adapting to changes and doing a good job of itself, maintaining a keen and observant view of society and the market, and continuously and frequently interacting with customers. On and try to surpass the development of current modern technology, this is the way to win in the future.


Interview Notes: From the perspective of works, you can't find a style system of its own; from the perspective of companies, you can't find a clear banner and label, but as soon as you walk in and touch, you can find the best products The intricate veins and continuous development plots hidden in it are the result of Zheng Junhua's character to do a good job of design calmly. When the solidified label is no longer the standard of design, it is not necessary to be an unsung hero. Slowly fast forward, For customers, for themselves, for the industry!

ZPD Space Design was founded in 2010, with special Grade A qualification of architectural decoration engineering design, focusing on providing integrated solutions of architectural consulting, interior design, lighting design and soft decoration for real estate and public construction customers. ZPD Space Design is a professional design agency serving customers in a full range of services.

To design to realize the value of space, activate the vitality of space,ZPD Space Design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect regional culture and traditional crafts, and integrate them into the spatial narrative through aesthetics and design to create a unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and continuity of context, and break the boundary to explore the connection between the interior space of the building and avant-garde art, popular culture, Oriental temperament and future technology, and practice the infinite extension of the space: elegant, light luxury.


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