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Realize space value through design and activate space vitality



In hujing yunlu,

The face-to-face between man and the lake is full of infinite life imagination。

So, put aside the decorations and return to nature,

Leave more situations to the pure authentic appearance,

Let the emotions flow freely and let the spirit condense forever,

It's the best start to design。


On the shore of Luming Lake, build a "distinctive life" in the city

In the name of a beautiful lakeside habitation, Lakeside Yunlu is located on the shore of Luming Lake, with IMAX 270° environmental screen view, park waterfront waterscape, mature community living facilities and other precious resources. Intertwined, based on the profound insight into the living needs and aesthetic style of the people on the spire, the first luxury mansion on the spire that was repeatedly carved by the master was built in Xuchang.

From the spring of the West Lake to the Yunlu in the lakeside, the space design of Xuchang has been deeply cultivated for several years, and it is committed to projecting the expectations and patterns of users with the depth of research and design, and creating a vivid and beautiful life scene. This time, in the design of the 180㎡ and 140㎡ model rooms, they restored the thinking aspect to the living form of the residents, and then created a model of lakeside living that integrates art and life interest, a real, pure and The artistic conception of urban manga life with rich texture. "Whether it is a light and tasteful new artistic environment, or a poetic residence close to nature, what we want to reflect through the design is the comfortable experience of living in the lake environment under different spatial personalities, as well as the residents' true yearning for a better life. ."

Pleasure yourself, beyond the mundane life.

"Beyond the mundaneity of life, the sense of ritual without losing details in the busyness, in every ordinary and trivial daily life, there is still a personality and taste accumulated over time. This is the contemporary urban lifestyle we understand." In the 180-square-meter model room, the designers got rid of the tension and complexity, and tried to describe the space with the urban elite families with excellent taste as the protagonists, so that every aesthetic foothold interprets their new artistic realm in a subtle way.

Embrace the Essence of Life.


As the first sense of ritual when stepping into the space, the abstract hanging painting of black and white vision, matched with a fresh and elegant green plant, quietly moves the leisurely beauty of time into the fast-paced city, extending a kind of inadvertent and delicate interest .

From the perspective of ZPD space design, behind the space is actually a metaphor for circle and identity, experience and emotion. Therefore, the existence of the design should gradually unfold with the perspective of the occupants, and gradually outline the artistic scene of the space.

Designers choose cool colors with rich texture to lay out the quiet mood of the space. At this moment, relieve fatigue, sit on the sofa looking out to the window, sip on a glass of red wine, or leisurely lie on the fur-decorated rocking chair to read and rest, the modern and fashionable life atmosphere is fully interpreted here.

Simple and elegant, express the scale of life


Taking into account the pattern and movement of the space, the open dining room is designed through the window, which perfectly connects the social scene in the living room and the glass wine cabinet at the corner. The connection and flow of emotions, in the atmosphere built by the scene design, Fuller and more real.

                                           Quality comes naturally


In the eyes of the hostess, who has strict requirements on aesthetics, clothing design is an important part of her life. The simple and unique layout of the stool table and the table top, plus the Klein blue art installation in the corner, combines modern texture and fashionable taste, and also shows the personality and charm of modern urban women.


An abstract art painting hanging on the wall adds a quiet lake blue, echoing the overall color scheme of the master bedroom. In the segmentation of the scene, the resident either lies at the bay window and enjoys the warmth of the sun, or sits on the simple gray chair by the corner of the table, drinking coffee, reading, daze, the leisure and fun, elegance and intention of life There is coexistence here.

The layout of the elders room is elegant, the design avoids redundant narration, chooses comfortable cotton and linen as the main material, and is decorated with smart silver wall decorations and streamlined metal lamps to make the original simple space without losing a refined attitude.

Here, we seem to see a cool boy who is full of love for music. Between the visually striking line art, between the piano keys and the pattern of the vinyl record, the free and fresh space is full of emotions and pleasant to the ear. The notes jumped.

The light and shadow flickered, stealing half a day of leisure.

As a habitat for the mind, home is a true reflection of one's personality, emotions and attitudes. How to define "self" with design? How to make the space not only the shell of aesthetics, but also contain the temperature of vitality? In the 140-square-meter model room, the design of ZPD  space takes nature as the environment, and the synaesthesia of art and aesthetics is extended to the details of the color, material, function and other details of the space, in the vivid life situation and rich spiritual core During this period, a poetic residence that fits with the inner world of the urban elite is constructed.

                                            Artistic Hue and Style.


Walking into the space, you enter the life situation paved by the design. As the first step of returning home, there is not only an aesthetic style, but also a stretched space and a comfortable experience. Residents can freely watch the scenery through the window and feel that a tree bearing fruit is luxuriantly growing. You can touch the soft and delicate cotton and linen material, hear the sound of the pages turning in the quietness... Every frame of daily life quietly grows and continues here.

Comfortable with the lightness and simplicity of nature


Stepping into the study, you will be greeted by a log-colored shelf, which can be freely displayed by residents according to their preferences. As the line of sight changes, the film and lens placed on the desk, and the marble high-footed bar in front of the window play the role of a photographer who loves life and art, and scenes of vivid life emerge here, rich and fulfilling.

       The beauty of art form in a corner


"We believe that, beyond the absolute concept, design is a feeling and a comfortable way of life." Here, the designer pursues the balance between function and aesthetics, from the texture of rich tactile materials to the bay window bathed in sunlight. From lying on the bed, to the bathroom space where dry and wet are separated, to the black and white abstract paintings and smart geometric lighting, living here is artistic, but also relaxed, lazy and free.

The design uses elegant and simple color and decoration to define the temperament and beauty of the elders' room. When time and affection flow delicately, the residents feel a calm and stable feeling.

The jump of color and geometry


Active contrasting colors, coupled with slam dunk-themed objects, make the space full of youthful vigor. In the free exploration of art and creation, children can sketch and draw on the drawing board as much as possible, and a small world full of fun is presented.

Realizing the value of space by design and activating the vitality of space are the meanings that ZPD space design has always given to design. In this process, they not only design the space, but also experience and perceive the space, from the external framework to every detail of life. As a result, in the lakeside Yunlu, there is a distinct and unique space image, with the temperature and emotion hidden behind the daily life, and also full of the life experience of urban lakeside living, a beautiful life journey is quietly starting.

NAME 丨 Hujing · Yunlu

ADDRESS丨Henan · Xuchang

AREA 丨180㎡、140㎡

DESIGN TEAM丨丨Zheng Junhua、Hu Ronghuan、 Lin Junjie、 Zhou Biqian

START丨 2021

DESIGN FIRM丨  ZPD Space Design



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